>Call me Suzie.


This semester something has taken hold of me, something cataclysmic and powerful.  I am talking about the urge to domesticate.  It is really odd, because I resisted this for a very long time, but now I seem to appear as a freaking Suzie Homemaker.  This idea is very strange to me, I must say.  I am used to being a career woman (or maybe just a working girl) who lives off of take-out.  But no, this year after moving off campus I was introduced to something amazingly foreign to me…A kitchen.  Now it seems cooking is all I want to do.  Why?  I have no idea.  I mean, I have never really had the desire to cook, even when I had the perfect resources.  And now, yesterday I was positively giddy when I purchased a bundt pan, a BUNDT PAN!  The pan in which I used to snicker due to its name, and now it is the pinnacle of my culinary experience!  Maybe this domestication is just me growing up, and being more thrifty.  I can make my own sushi, sweedish meatballs and sorbet…what could be next?


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