>Honey, I love you


Honey.  The word has so many connotations.  For some, it is a term of endearment and on the flip side, a term of trouble (Honey….).  For Winnie the Pooh, it means life.  For me, it is a sustainer.  Did you know that eating local honey decreases your allergies to pollen?  It makes sense since you are eating it.  Also, per my new obsession with baking I have taken to adding honey to just about anything and everything I make. For my sugar cookies, it is one of the secrets, for sure.  If you want sweet, gooey cookies, add honey.  Heck, I have even tried it as marinade now, and it was good!  Winnie the Pooh, you had it right, Honey is amazing, whether you are meaning love, eating love, or sharing love…honey is awesome.


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