>Invisible Children

>Did you know that guerilla warfare exists in Uganda and the soldiers are children abducted from their homes?  This is a horrible issue, but sadly it is a reality.  The organization Invisible Children fights actively everyday against this and has an amazing story.  A few kids went to Africa with a video camera and came back with footage that would shock the United States.  Now, 5 years later they are having meetings with President Obama to have a voice for these forgotten kids.
Efforts like these are very important to take a personal interest in, especially as a college student.  So often are we so self-absorbed in getting the perfect grade and a good job when there are kids in Uganda that are desperate for jobs so they can really change something.  I think often the efforts of students are stifled because they can’t make a difference, but with this program you really can.  Africa lately seems to be the cause that is on everyone’s mind.  Walking around campus you will see TOM’s shoes on someone (most likely me) because they help people.  But, as college students we shouldn’t just help by buying things in stores, we should be consciously helping.  Displace yourself, make yourself uncomfortable.  That is what they always say, right?  So why not do it for someone else?


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