>Number 2

>How does it feel to always come in second place?  Not good, so the mighty Publicis must win again in competition with the other Parisian holding company.  Still, HAVAS is a valuable company that has some of the most technologically advanced agencies in its arsenal.

Arnold Worldwide

Lately I have been working on a creative brief for my Intro to Creativity Advertising class.  My product is Amtrak, so of course this campaign speaks to me.  I like how the campaign as a whole reflects Arnold Worldwide.  They are the relaxed company and this ad concentrates on relaxation.  This also shows the variety of work the Boston office can put out, from claymation bunny rabbits to relaxing on a train, Arnold Worldwide just makes you say “ahhhhhhh.”


This company is wholly known for their digital work at their Chicago headquarters.  I particularly like this campaign.  The idea with this is a lot like W+K’s “Go Forth” for Levi’s jeans.  It takes the idea that a Volvo is a treasure and pairs it with the Pirates craze of 2007 into a treasure trove of a campaigns and marketing.  Here, people can participate in the overall strategy without merely just taking in an ad.  And, in the long run, this probably has a pretty low production cost in the grand scheme of things, digital and a free car, how awesome could you get?


Raleigh, NC is not the particular location for an agency, but McKinney makes it work.  After taking Nationwide from TM in Dallas this company has shown that it is ready to compete.  After shaking up the travel industry with the Travelocity gnome this agency is creative and innovative, yet surprisingly simple.  Brillant, simply brillaint.


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