>MDC…most definitely creative


This holding company is smaller than some agencies, yet some of the most creative agencies belong to this company, interesting?  I think so.

Crispin Porter + Bogusky

This company is the place to be, if you aren’t here you seem to be hated by all the rest.  The work here that Alex Bogusky is producing is crazy, which seems to reflect his personality.  I like this ad because it is a little different from their usual off-the-wall tactics.  From the Miami office, this reflects more of a Bernbach-esque old style type of ad, or even as traditional as Ogilvy.  This ad shows how dynamic the company can be with their campaigns.


This company, based in San Diego, revolutionized Taylor Guitars.  Their focus and ideas on this campaign is astounding and different.  They decided to sell the wood of the guitars, the wood for heaven’s sake!  Still this campaign is one of my favorites in the originality category.

Cliff Freeman & Partners

Although this company recently closed its doors, it is a success story.  They made pizza famous by its name…so simple yet so creative.  Lately, I haven’t really seen Little Ceasar’s Pizza anywhere, except at Kmart, but I really like this commercial, it is captivating and entertaining, so even though we can’t expect more from the New York headquarters like this ad, it is still a company that will be sorely missed.

Kirshenbaum Bond

This ad is just…different.  From the New York office the creatives take a completely different approach to the Frosty.  But I like it, it really shows how dynamic one brand can be.  Wendy’s will always be tasty and my one of my personal favorites but this ad shows that the company is more than just the old-school hamburgers, it is creative.


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