>Scholastic Cycle


Two tones, one touch
sudden silence, sudden screams
She waves, he tears
New beginnings.
Eyes heavy,
Another dawn.
Poetry is something that I like to do to let my emotions leave me so I can actually focus.  This poem is something that I recently created about what has happened to me this semester.  It really has been a difficult go around, so lately I do feel inspired.  The poem has a dual structure, it is centered not only on my college experience but the life cycle.  This semester, many of my friends had had children or married, though this isn’t something in my future, it is significant to me because it means that life is always changing.  The line “she waves, he tears” also is dual in the idea of leaving for college again and also reflects a significant individual in my life and her passing from cancer.  The repetition of “falling” can have many connotations, for me it means falling behind, falling into routine, and falling into exhaustion.  The structure of the poem is also deliberate.  I like to draw pictures with words, and though this can be difficult to do with type text, I do think that you get the idea of growth and decay.

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