>Independence says a lot about an advertising company’s character, especially in this economy.  One torpedo and you are sunk…sorry Titanic…there is no Carpathia to pick up your survivors, they just have to freeze in the North Atlantic.  These companies take their confidence to a new level and some of them generate some of the most original and creative ads to date that can deem them “unsinkable.”


If you had to choose one company to be the Titan of Asian advertising it would have to be Dentsu…this Japanese company controls the country’s market not to mention has a 20% stake in Publicis, the holding company!  Talk about advertising mafia!  Still, they present great, timeless ads.  This one from the Tokyo headquarters has actually become a tourist attraction that plays a tune if you drive the proper speed.  Now I don’t want to say that this backs the stereotype of Eastern genius but….


This company is crazy awesome.  It still blows my mind that they started with one campaign and now have built an empire around this one company: Nike.  This is really interesting too because it seems that traditional Nike commercials are their base, still the company has great ads.  I am a big fan of the GO FORTH campaign from the Portland headquarters.  I like how it incorporates the user and uses TV and digital media as a quest…all for Jeans.  They seem totally unrelated but I can really appreciate the campaign.

Bartle Bogle Hegarty

BBH is famous for tasteless AXE ads, known fact.  However, despite this negative image they seem to have created of women I do like this campaign for their London headquarters for Audi.  Still male-dominate with the creative aspect (the fact that it is a toy truck) I really like how the ads fits numerous groups of people and inspires people to purchase the car.  Also, it transcends the age gap, which I think is very important.

Richards Group

Oh Richards Group, I stare at your colossal building everyday wishing I was working there instead of at the mall across the street, sigh.  My favorite ads from this company are easily those that are part of the Chic-fil-a campaign that is driven by cows, so odd, so obvious, yet so unique.  This fast food company is altogether amazing in the idea that they close their offices on Sunday, have no value meal, and are still constantly the top seller of a quick bite.  I love the cows, I wish they would stay around forever…but maybe get some grammar lessons…


How did I remember this company for my exam? Doner=Detroit=Doner party.  Sad but true that Detroit is dying with the outsourcing of automobile jobs.  Still, although they may be “UPS-ing” the city’s business elsewhere, Doner has this great campaign focusing on cardboard.  This ad is from the Detroit office and is for the UPS store, mind you…not like the Martin Agency and UPS itself.


This company is known for their creative work with Target.  This ad is for Edward Jones and I like it because it is a lot like the time magazine ads.  It shows that an insurance ad can also be interesting, however I do not think that this is too original of an idea, it looks a bit like Allstate to me, still it is intriguing and makes me think more about the company.  This ad is from the Chicago office.


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