>The Christmas Spirit

>Everyone has their favorite tradition about Christmas that brings forth the spirit of the season.  For some it is the claymation videos, for others it it trimming the tree.  As this seasons begins I am also reflecting back on my favorite traditions.  It really is no secret how obsessed I am with not only Christmas music but the movies as well.  The best part of this is when they combine into a whole new idea.  My favorite joining of a song and a movie is The Christmas Shoes which airs on lifetime.  Here is the trailer:

Though this is not necessarily the high budget How the Grinch Stole Christmas or the classic 
Miracle on 34th Street I believe that it conveys the message of the Christmas season better
than anything else: “Give all you can, receive all you can.” Now, this does not always mean
material things, it is also the little things that make it all worthwhile, making your dad a really 
ugly tie but he will wear it because it makes his little girl feel better or a mom cherishing the
pinecone her son painted at preschool.

Too often I think people get caught up in getting in the “Christmas Spirit.” But, what I 
like so much about this movie is that the characters show the spirit year round. In my opinion, 
just because it is Christmas does not mean that you should do all you can for someone,
it should be a 24-7 job, and this movie particularly passes on that message. This family, 
although they are suffering strives to help anyone they can and make the world a better
place. In the end, it is a little boy that spreads this message to a crowded department store. 
That is what Christmas is all about, not just the season but the feeling that should go 


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