>Tiny Tim

>A Christmas Story would not be near as memorable without Tiny Tim, the same goes with the small, independent agencies that Morrison would dub “radicals.”  Without these little guys we wouldn’t have some of the most memorable advertising that lately we have come to love.  Here is a small example of these little boys that aren’t so cripple.


Maybe there is something in the maple leaves up there in Vancouver or maybe it is just Canadian genius but this is an awesome and interesting way of sharing alternative media.  In a lot of US commercials people venture outside on exercise equipment but eh, the Canadians actually did it.  This campaign really just make me smile at the ingenuity presented by our neighbors to the North.


This company knows how to make an ad pop.  Who else would be brave enough to “tag” Airforce 1?  Or fake it even?  Droga5 knows where its at and how to sell adventure.  I think this agency is very well matched with the Tony Hawk video game line, they have the character of a skateboarder and live on the edge, and they are incredibly successful.  This talent goes to their office in the USA in Los Angeles.

La Comunidad

This company works on ads that are for companies that are “popular” like Rolling Stone Magazine and MTV.  This ad from the Buenos Aires office features a man who can either be an office dork or a partier and though it is intriguing, I don’t particularly like the message.  I would rather use the concept for masks in another light rather than to promote insanity, but then again I am a 30 year old in a college body.

Ground Zero


To me, this ad is a hilarious stab at the advertising industry…draw graffiti or be a creative director.  I love it, it is humorous…and it is a beer ad that is not too tasteless, genius and different.  This ad shows what makes the “radicals” so entertaining, they can do whatever they want creatively, they are limitless!  This ad is from the LA office.


I have seen this ad time and time again and every time the creativity blows my mind.  Granted, there was a whole movie (and another after the original airdate) based on this concept, but the mental and computer power to create this is astounding.  This ad comes from the Amsterdam office for Chevrolet, so if the movie didn’t sell enough cars maybe this will make us all embrace our inner bumblebee.

22 Squared WestWayne

This ad represents one that is advertising and art in one; especially if you look really close and see the face in the…ahem…liquid.  Again, the benefit to being a smaller independent is that you can experiment and come up with more creative material and this ad does just that, from the office in Atlanta, which is considered to be lacking in creativity and ad business attraction…well this sure goes against that assumption.


I remember when this campaign became popular.  It was in high school and everyone had to go to Gap to but (RED).  Now the trend has passed and TOMS shoes are in (which I am currently wearing, FYI) but the commercial greatness lives on.  This dual campaign is from the Boston office.


Although every time I see this company’s name I can’t help but snicker, I really like some of their ads.  This one, for a particular poker game from the Seattle office is really interesting due to its irony.  I like how it looks incredibly somber and dramatic, though it is a gambling ad.  It really drew me in when I saw it and I wanted to read it, which is what an ad is supposed to do.


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