>The Worst Christmas Present Ever

>Third grade was my dream year.  I had my wonderful boyfriend who gave me a handmade necklace for Christmas…and lots of candy, I was hula-hooping champion, I got second place in the spelling bee and I had straight As.  It seemed like everything was going my way.  Then Christmas came around.  I knew Santa was finally bringing my the Kiersten American Girl Doll that I was literally dying for and finally Elizabeth, my other doll would have a friend.  Then, the worst happened.  As I crept from my room before dawn I noticed Santa’s cookies were half-eaten…Kiersten had arrived!  As I walked further around the corner to peer at the perfect gift my eyes filled with tears and I felt like I would vomit.  On the fireplace was not Kiersten…but this abomination:

I immediately ran into my parents’ room in tears of utter disbelief. “Santa haaaaattttteeeeesssss me!” I cried.  My mother, still totally oblivious to the matter said groggily, “Santa loves you, what’s wrong?”  As I explained my horrible experience of disappointment and heartbreak to my little world she said “Maybe Santa just wanted you to be practical.”  Practical?  Are you kidding me?  I want my freaking $100 doll!
Ok, so maybe I did blow this out of proportion, but how did I know that this would really be the best Christmas present ever?  Later that morning Aunt Becky came over for Christmas brunch and convinced me that this was a good gift.  After all, what do parents know about anything anyway?  The next day we (Aunt Becky, Mom, and myself) went to what I like to call “Heaven on Earth” also known as Joann’s.  Here a plethora of patterns and fabrics were opened to my mind as I embraced this new love of a needle.
Fast forward 11 years and I have created countless projects of varying shapes, styles, and sizes.  Halloween costume?  Shoot, I can make a Hershey bar or a Sailor Scout costume.  Dresses can’t seem to fit right, not a problem…I will just alter the pattern.  A duffle bag?  Don’t make me laugh.  As for saving money at the tailor?  Probably in the millions (ok, maybe hundreds…or tens).  This gift has allowed my creativity to blossom.  From my sewing machine I am able to create new things for myself and others that I am actually proud of; I can even design new varieties of clothing if I so desire.  Here is my latest creation, a comforter/quilt that I made of my high school t-shirts:
Who would have thought that a doll disaster would actually be one of the most rewarding and creative gifts I could receive?  Maybe this year I will get something even cooler…or maybe just some Ugg boots.

2 thoughts on “>The Worst Christmas Present Ever

  1. >Ahhh! I love it! I have so many old shirts that I'm too sentimental about to give away – this is perfect! Now to remember how to work my sewing machine…

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