>Come together

>”Come together, right now…over me.” Awesome song, awesome lyrics, and it makes awesome ads.  More and more creative teams are now taking this dynamic of combining things, here are a few television examples:

Arnold Worldwide
Boston Office

This ad, though not entirely unique is still entertaining and the style is very popular.  Someone sees a product they like, so they run after it, and others tag along until it is a mob.  I remember seeing this style mostly in clothing commercials, but not as much in car commercials, especially for VW, usually they are a bit more original.  Still the multiplication ad is a classic.
Wieden + Kennedy
Portland Office
This entire campaign is very unique and interactive.  It involves bringing people together through a quest for some prize…when really it is all about Levi’s jeans.  This idea that not exactly a ton of people are in the ad but it brings a ton of people into the commercial and campaign goes with the aspect of “a lot of stuff.”  And it is a quest, how much fun could that be?
McCann Erickson
New York
This ad brings people of the world together on one place, which is a really good thing.  It also brings them together with coke, which is good branding and true.  Anywhere you travel in the world, it seems you can get a coke.  The part that does bother me, though, is that they are all speaking English.  I would have liked it if everyone was speaking different languages.
Boston Office
The gap cheer factory commercial is on ALL THE TIME and is incredibly annoying, but it brings a big group together.  What is nice is that it doesn’t have skimpy uniforms, it has girls that talk about how they want to be covered, which is good.  This commercial presents a universal and has a lot going on (…so…many…colors…).
72 and Sunny
LA office
If you want to make a global effort for something, why not use the globe?  This Discovery Channel commercial is brilliant and incredibly entertaining.  It promotes unity and uses all the Discovery Channel shows to do so.  It is so entertaining and really brings people together with well…a lot of people and different ideas.  What makes it so great is that it is for the Discovery Channel, something that is universal, with a universal idea.


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