>She’s gone postal

>First of all…my blogger website seems to be all in Spanish…okay…oh yeah…I’m in Spain!  That’s right folks, this Oklahoma girl has finally gone global.  For the next 4 months I will be living in and going to school in Madrid, Spain.  It is definitely shocking, definitely different, but so stimulating!  So to kick this off…the top 10 list of why Spain is cool.

1. Skiing and the Beach (some of my favorite pasttimes…all in one place!)
2. BIG NUTELLA (finally, the best sandwich spread comes in a kg)
3. Nap time (2-4 pm, all shuts down for a siesta)
4. Culture (there is old stuff here!)
5. Night life (or morning life?)
6. Europe (duh, again)
7. The euro (finally, colorful money!)
8. Freedom (the people here can drink, marry however they want, smoke where they want–gross)
9. Tortilla de Patata (google it)
10. Ocio (free time, all the time!)


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