>National traveler.

> As I sit here grazing on my raw meat (still eating that jamon serrano!) I cannot help but think…I should talk about my travels, after all I am spending my semester in Spain…so surely I have been places, right, yup.  To think more on this idea I have decided that when I return I am going to purchase a world map and a corkboard and place pushpins of everywhere I have been and then put it on the wall…so I can brag to myself.  I am 20 years old…traveling this much is cool!  So far, I have not left Spain…and I will do most of my traveling within Spain…for those of you visual learners, this is where I have been…along with some personal critiques.

Ho’kay…so here is ze Spain…and here is the critique of ze provinces…aka states, which also helps me study for my midterms next week…alterior motive?  I think so.
Madrid– I live here.  In Madrid, which is the capital of Spain for the nincompoops out there.  Madrid province also has some cool little towns…think Rhode Island…there is more than providence, but not much more.
Castilla La Mancha– This is where Toledo is situated, and I found out why it is called “Holy Toledo.”  It is because of the short time of coexistence between the three central religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, yeah Toledo!  We need to learn from you… The rest of Castilla La Mancha looks like it is described in Don Quijote…boring, flat, lots of windmills, though pretty all the same.
Cataluña (Catalunya)– This is where Barcelona is.  I do not live here.  However, I did spend my first available weekend for travel in Barcelona with 7 other girls, which was quite fun and entertaining.  I liked it a lot, it is very cultural and also more “European” than Madrid, or so I am told.  Also, it has water, the Mediterranean Sea, in fact…so I liked it a lot.
Andalucía– This is the South of Spain.  It is not where the princess from Enchanted is from, though pronounced the same in English…she is to pale to be from here.  This place is where the Moors stayed the longest, which were the Muslim people.  The houses are white because it gets really freaking hot.  Also, this is where the Catholic Kings, Ferdinand and Isabel lived…big happenings in 1492.  Here I visited Córdoba, Sevilla, and Granada on a school trip.
La Rioja-This is known as the wine country of Spain…I will be traveling here in a few weeks and will visit a vineyard…pictures sure to come.
País Vasco-Unfortunately, this part of Spain is not making news for its beaches right now…moreof the Spanish terrorist organization calls this place home…which by the way has a similar name to my sorority…uh oh.  Apart from that we are taking a school trip here to visit Bilbao and see the Guggenheim Museum as well as San Sebastian to the beach on the Cantabric Sea…I am excited.
Valencia-I will be going here March 19th for a festival called “Las Fallas.”  This is the sanctuary for a pyromaniac…here they set huge works of paper on fire…and you eat paella while watching it…sounds life fun.
Navarra-The oldest kingdom of Spain…also the home of the running of the bulls…don’t think that I will make it here, sadly.
Cantabria-My professor is from here, haha…also famous for beaches.
Asturias- Famous for apples and the coast.
Aragón-Namesake of Lord of the Rings character…it also has mountains!
Galicia-This place is where San Juan de Compostela is, which is the burial site of St. John, the disciple.  A lot of people make pilgrimages here, which I hope to do someday.  Also, I have to write a term paper about this for honors credit, haha.  Galicia in itself is said to look like Ireland and people from here look like they are albino compared to other Spainards, though they are very nice.  I really hope to make it here sometime during my visit.
Murcia- Not much on this place, it is on the coast.
Extrmadura- Apparently this is the Oklahoma of Spain…land that not many people want, except natives…but instead of Native Americans, pigs dominate the land of which are killed to make delicious Jamon Serrano y Iberico.
Islas Baelares- Beach, nuff said.
Islas Canerias- See above…think Hawaii.
Ceuta y Melilla-  Think Puerto Rico of Spain..except they are just cities that Spain dominates in Africa.

Apart from around Spain, my travels will take me to Germany, Ireland, UK (Wales and England), France (hopefully), Andorra, and possibly Italy and Portugal…so much to do, so little time!


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