>So I think it is pretty apparent that I have been on hiatus lately.  This will come to an end due to myself being chained to a desk all summer with a computer at my…fingertips?  Wow, it has been a long time…the originality is really sucking.  I blame it on my new habit of journaling.  It is really hard to write the same thing twice, and my journaling has taken to be a bit “angsty” now that I have returned to Jenks, Oklahoma.  Still, faithful invisible readers, I will try to make up for it and be as original as possible, or at least myself.  So to appease ya’ll as well as myself I will provide you with a list.  Now, there is a story behind this magnificent list, I was discussing last night how I always say a movie is my “top-ten” but then, what really is top 10 material?  For me, I like movies that are all encompassing, yet different…and ones you can semi watch over and over, though I still find myself falling asleep in movies…all the time.  So here they are, according to me, at the present.

TOP 10 movies of ALL TIME…maybe
1. The Blind Side (Something you should know about me…I love dude movies…and this mixes football and heartwarming, which is genius.)
2. Forrest Gump
3.500 Days of Summer (the best chick flick!  Because it is REAL)
4. Titanic (Fun fact #2…I am obsessed with all things Titanic…it is almost creepy)
5.Pan’s Labrynith (El laberinto de fauno…as they say…the best part?  I don’t need subtitles.)
6. Sex and the City (I’m just obesessed.)
7. The Sixth Sense (I watch it over and over!)
8. An American Tail (How can you not love Fievel?)
9. Happy Feet (I love the innocence of it)
10. Seven Pounds (mainly because of Will Smith and his versatility of roles, and again, the message)

And just because I like you…and I have a hard time making decisions…
TOP 5 Film Series of ALL TIME..definitely.
1. Star Wars
2. Lord of the Rings
3. Matrix
4. Shrek (yeah, I went there.)
5. X-Men
Honorable Mention: Harry Potter, The 10th Kingdom, The Secret of NIMH

OMG? You didnt pick ___________________?!  Now I present…
TOP 10 Overrated films of ALL TIME…because I said so.
1. The Hurt Locker (maybe should have won best director, but not best picture)
2. Gone With the Wind (Note…I do love the movie…but Scarlet O’hara is too whiney, though still good)
3. 300 (I still have yet to make it through the whole thing awake)
4.The Princess Bride (yes, I like it a lot…but again…not that new.)
5. The Notebook (Nicholas Sparks movies are always overrated…sweet, yes, but depressing.)
6. The Lion King (Mufasa dies.  Life goes on.)
7.Boondock Saints (I like it…but I can’t rewatch it)
8.Sleepless in Seattle (a little too sappy for me)
9.Spiderman (a 4th one, really?)
10.Borat (its just not funny.)

So there ya go!  Note: These could change by the hour, I watch way too much TV and movies.



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