>I know why I’m fat


Today, I had this revelation.  Americans are fat.  Why did I have this revelation?  Because despite my efforts not to gain weight upon my return to the States…namely Oklahoma, I have taken it upon myself to work out for an hour 4 days a week (at 6am), at least, and count my calories (1200 daily ration).   And yet, I have gained a steady 6 pounds, in one month.  Compare this to Spain, where I lost that amount on a monthly basis, and my workout regimen consisted of running 3 blocks to the bus stop every morning after dragging myself out of bed at 10am.  Now that I am home, I hear people complaining about going to the gym, and how they have to drive there, myself included.  This American society is obese because we are lazy…and our meal choices don’t exactly help either, though they are incredibly appetizing:
Dinner consists of:
A whole, dead fish…or…. a juicy steak dripping in marinade.
And for our seasoning to everything?
A nice sprit of olive oil…or…a vat of ranch dressing.
And to finish the meal we have dessert:
a juicy pear…or…a tower of cupcakes.
So now my problem is that although both look appetizing, I find myself quite lonely with my culinary tastes regarding a fish body covered in olive oil.  So I settle for the gobs upon gobs of fats and sugars, that are oh so succlent.  And it doesn’t help that I love baking and am going through a cupcake phase.  So my next objective is the slim fast plan…a diet fad.  Bound to bounce back…but hopefully not before I go to the pool.

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