>Diaper wearin’, booger pickin’ good time.


So I had jury duty this past week and one of my fellow prisoners jurors made the observation that “Adults are really just big kids.”  This really made me think.  I am 20, but am I really an adult, and are my parents really adults, what about my colleagues?  What really defines “adult?”  Think about it, we start in diapers, go out in diapers.  We whine, we fuss, heck, sometimes we pick our noses (you know you do).  So what really defines adult?  Lets look at the facts:
Kids think the other sex is “icky,” but they still chase them around the playground and flirt…Adults go on dates with people they don’t like=we all want attention from the opposite sex.
Kids love making messes…Adults, have you looked at your garage lately?=We all like chaos.
Kids are picky eaters…Adults, do you still want to eat green beans and brussel sprouts? I dont.= Green is not always good.
Kids procrastinate, Adults procrastinate.
Swingsets are timeless and ageless.
So maybe what adults need to do is embrace their inner child.  Go see Toy Story 3, it is a great movie…and don’t drag a kid along, eat play-doh (ok..maybe not…little salty), play outside!  Enjoy life.

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