>My mom recently told me to update my blog, on my facebook.  This was only hours after I was discussing with some friends that my mom is the only person that comments on my blog.  Irony realized.  That aside, this blog is dedicated to you, Moma.

“Amy, you are not good with change.”  Mom said after I was once again bawling to her over the phone, frantically trying to find the bubble bath in Walmart.  Now, looking back on it, she was right.  I either like constant change, or none at all.  Ducks in a row are too difficult to control…I like how marshmallow peeps just stick there, and stay there (because who really wants to eat those anyway?).

I really don’t like change.  Now I feel like I am a freshman again…it took me forever to explore the cafeteria the other day!  Next thing you know I will be wearing my keys around my neck.  I think change works as good with me as it did with Peter Brady.  Maybe I need to make it positive.  Or just bottle up more savings in my telephone bank…

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