>I have discovered that I have an incredibly addictive personality.  This is a problem, or is it?  It seems that I am always chasing one hobby after another just to decide which is “me.”  My latest hobby?  Rollerblading.  And yes, there is a story: In elementary school I was a “baller” rollerblader.  I was that first grader that was beating all the fifth graders at the skate parties.  Then, I learned about boo-boos.  My friend Jill broke her wrist in the 3rd grade…rollerblading.  My empathetic self was devastated.  So I quit.  But lo and behold.  When I was packing for my new apartment, my Dad’s old skates turned up, and I stole them.  So today I decided to be adventurous.  Did I fall? Yes, but once.  Will I go out again soon?  I hope so.  There is nothing like the rush of a new hobby.  Sewing out, athletics in.


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