>A shift in the winds

>Let me explain my hiatus…it has been creative crunch time.  This means I have slept like I slept back when I was a college athlete and eaten in the same way, without the working out, and just staring at a computer screen and a light desk.  Not a good combination.  However, I learned a lot about myself.  I really don’t think it is my calling to be an art director.  After realizing how much time I spent researching these ads and trying to find insights, and at the encouraging of both my professor and critiquers, I am an account planner. What does this mean for my life?

1. I will hopefully sleep a little more.
2. I get to explore and learn about people
3. I can’t as easily get away with wearing pajamas to work.
This seems like a good compromise…so bye bye Leo Burnett (though still cool guy), hello Stanley Pollitt!

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