>Bah Humbug


I found something I am not good at, cutting my own bangs.  Exhibit A:
Just a little spotty and crooked for the holiday season, great, more mockery.
Call me a scrooge if you like but I really don’t like “The Holidays.”  I mean sure, getting presents is cool and all but what peeves me more than anything is this idea of “the holiday spirit.”  Why?  I think it is a load of hooie.  If you follow the same book, or similar moral code, that I do you are supposed to be nice to people and give selflessly year round.  Yes it is a time that you get to see family, but if you really wanted to see them, you could also communicate better during the year.  For me, it is a bit easier during the holidays because I am home (and this is my last Christmas break…ever) but it doesn’t mean I can’t try to do a better job and be more caring.  So Happy December 27th, be nice to someone when you return that sweater you didn’t like.

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