>A tumbleweed in the wind

>I have decided that I am not good at being in one place, which really doesn’t work with me since because I don’t handle change very well, but at the same time I love it when things are constantly changing, as the norm.  Odd?  I think so.  Since the beginning of school I have moved every 4 months, or less.  Here is the run-down: Dorm, Home, Dorm, Condo, Home, Condo again, Home, Spain, Home, Apartment…Go me.  And, today, my last roommate kicked me out.  Why?  Because I have plans for the summer that don’t include paying rent.  Wonderful.  So now I am trapped paying rent unless I get a sublet…prayer, please.  And I am running out of names to call my new residence.  Technically, it is a condo, but I already lived in one of those.  Maybe it could be my “pad” or my “hizzhouse” of even my “hobbit hole”, for now I will settle on “my place” because it will be mine.  But a cooler title is definitely a work in progress.

 On another note, moving is great because:
1.  I realize how greatly I am loved by my friends, and what they will do for a pizza.
2. I get to explore a new area, which is almost like traveling.
3. REDECORATING…pier one, here I come!  Though, now with the stuff that I have accumulated somehow I have to make black and brown match…which is basically the only fashion rule that I actually follow.

So what do I say, bring on the change, but with lots of help!


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