They call me Birdie…

So here is a slice of life, why do people call me Birdie?  This started freshman year of college.  There were two “Amys” on the floor (story of my life) so I wanted to be different.  We were learning new names and one of the guys on the floor said “Your name is Amy?  That’s not very memorable.”  So I quickly retorted “Well, my friends call me ‘Birdie.'” Was this actually true?  No, but it was rooted in an idea. When I left for college I wanted to be someone different.  I wanted to be that girl that people remember, so how could I do that with boring old “Amy?” So I decided that I liked “Birdie” she was the cool girl on the Happy Meal box, and my last name is Crowe, so it worked.  I would become “Birdie” this new persona that is fun and flirty.  Some people do really call me that, and I really feel different when they do.  Birdie is my different side, it is my essence.


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