Dear World, Telemarketing is not Advertising…it is annoying.

This week I have learned a lot about internships and the job-hunting process.  Why?  Because at this moment I am getting ready for my second interview of the week for my London internship.   Through a series of hurdles I was finally assigned a company, and an interview time the day of.  This worried me a lot.  I am a type A personality to the T (though I wish I was more B) and this way of working is just not my style.  Still, it is all a learning experience so I decided to try my luck of the draw.

At my first interview I was not spoken to alone but with another member of CAPA (my internship company), red flag #1.  Here we are, two different people being interviewed for the same position.  The boss, Brad, tells us that we can either call-up companies and find their key contacts or we can call-up customers and survey them about publications that the company makes.   Wait, hold the reigns…. I am calling people and surveying about a newspaper publication?  Where is the advertising?  Dear World, Telemarketing is not advertising, it is annoying.  Still, I got the job and went on to my first day of work, which was from home, coming up with questions to ask consumers.  It was about now that I realized that this was not the place for me, so I went and met with CAPA and asked for a new job, but would remain at this company until things were sorted out.  Wednesday, I went to the office and found that another girl had done that task last week so mine was meaningless, and there was nowhere for me to sit amongst the staff, which was about half unpaid interns.  At this point it hardly seemed to me that I would be working in advertising, enjoying myself, or getting the coveted recommendation letter from my boss that would insure my investment over the next few weeks.  Another coworker of mine appeared to notice this as well and took it on as her personal duty to let her pain be known to the boss, in front of everyone, as a stab at his intelligence.  He responded by telling her to find another job.  I quietly Facebooked away at the other side of the desk.

Luckily, today I have another interview and I will see how that goes.  I learned this week that when something isn’t right in the workplace, you do still need to cover your bases, but it is alright to look and just to be honest and transparent.  I did love my coworkers at the company, but they all seemed as unhappy as me.  It is important to know what you want, and then let yourself have it.  Yes, it is a risk, but if your bases are covered it can be the ride of your life.


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