A job!

At this time I am happy to report that I now have a job at Cloth Court Communications, a financial advertising agency.  My job is to update the online database mediaknowhow.com with current media pack information from different financial and business publications from around the world.  This task is daunting, but it is also really interesting to see how it works to make a database.  Unfortunately, my interest can only last so long.  I remember on my first day my boss told me I would get bored, but they would try to give me a variety of tasks in order to keep things moving.  Though I haven’t seen that yet I keep in mind that I am doing important work for this company that they can’t do themselves.  Yes, physically they can, but my coworkers have more pressing needs to attend to and they need me to see to the other tasks, so I keep on truckin.  What is funny is that this seems to be the attitude of my coworkers as well; I recall from my interview my boss saying “Our work sometimes is not the most entertaining, but it is the most important.”  After realizing this myself I feel like I have joined a secret club, privy to this knowledge.  And as I sit at my desk across from my boss and I hear her on the phone in her very distinct voice “Why did you make that decision, that is incredibly stupid…Stupid is what it is” and the office chuckles together as she grins on the phone I realize that we are all in this together working for the good of the company.


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