The World is Flat

The world is flat, so flat, and there is so much competition on the global scale.  How do I know this?  At my internship there are now two other interns, one from Italy and one from Spain.  The Italian girl was there when I arrived and is fluent in Italian, English, Russian, and knows a little Spanish.  Well she just blew my bilingual abilities out of the water.  The good thing is that we have built a relationship and are getting to be good friends.  She talks to me about Italy and her experience here finding a job and I talk to her about my classes and life at the flat, which she finds really funny.  I really do look forward to the days when our boss sends us out to the grocery store, just so we can talk.  This week another intern started, from Spain.  I heard the news from my other boss right after I had done a translation of a media pack for her from Spanish into English.  She said “soon we will have a Spanish intern so you can speak and work together on this kind of thing.”  I am sure she meant it to be kind, but after the class I was really worried.  Here is my special talent, my gift, the white girl with the Madrileña accent, now has a Spanish girl working with her.  After hearing this it made me want to adapt, I wanted to do my absolute best updating the database, which is in English (a strength for me!) and to make myself still seem special.  With this in mind I have continued my work and found that the other interns really are great, and we work very well together.  For the Spanish intern, she needs me there to translate things for her from English so she can better understand the software.  Though they may pass me on a globalization level there are still unique talents I can offer.  Who gets to answer the phone?  Me.  Sometimes having an Oklahoma accent is cool too.


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