Water and Wastewater International

Water and Wastewater International is my new favorite magazine.  Have I ever read it, no.  Do I intend to read it, no.  Still, I love it.  Why you ask?  This company is based at 1421 S. Sheridan Rd, Tulsa, Oklahoma.  When I looked up their contact information I gasped.  Here is a company, globally successful, successful enough to have advertisements from the United Kingdom in the publication from the city where I was born and worked most of my life.  After my initial screams of glee subsided and my office was staring at me I shared the news, and in British humour (see what I did there?) they said that it was an error in the database.  Massive! Now I was the stupid one.  But soft, anon, there, listed below was and address in Essex.  Hooray!  Water and Wastewater International is saved!  I was so excited to see this that I once again gasped with glee and told the tale.  My office must really love my American “sparkle,” huh?  The fact that this publication is in the database means a lot.  The world is flat (I sense a theme here) and someone from the sleepy little city of Tulsa (for those that don’t know it, think Waco) can make it big in London.  If a publication that hints at stories concerning sewage is good enough, then maybe I am too.


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