Every office has to have a certain aspect of it that is special.  At Cloth Court Communications, that is a sense of humor, or rather, humour.  You see, during my internship experience I have learned that humor in the workplace is necessary, but for the Brits, it is all about the humour.  It is that certain sense of whit that drives the workplace as they make a statement with a sly grin.  For example, the other day there was a police man riding a horse down the street.  I, being American and with a window view, freaked out and exclaimed “It’s the fuzz! We are all going down!” My boss across the table then looked out her window and stated, “There is only one.”  At first I was taken aback and thought she was chastising me for my lack of correctness (something that I work very hard to maintain, much to the annoyance of others) and exaggeration.  As I bowed my head, joke thrown under the bus, I glanced up and saw her grinning at her computer screen.  Boss, 1, Amy, zip.  This humour is a difficult thing, but figuring it out is half the fun, and apparently is doomed to be at my expense.  Mark my words, this girl will get her figures right and still maintain that precious American “sparkle” or at least a serve as a glitter and the brunt of jokes for coworkers.



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