A Whole New World

My last weekend in London ended up being a work-filled extravaganza, and what was even crazier is that it wasn’t at my internship…still I loved it!  One of my roommates was working an event called “Regent Tweet” for her internship and they needed someone else to help.  They were offering to pay 50 pounds and with my addiction to the theater, I was in need for cash so I hopped at the opportunity.  For the first half we worked at “base camp” and I was put on guard duty, but not just any guard duty, guard of the loo and the coat room.  That’s right, if you needed the loo, I was the girl for you!  And though I was posed in a corner, alone, it was a great spot.  I could people watch all day, and the people I was watching, wow!  Watching bloggers is one of the most entertaining things to do!  Seriously!  Though still, later in the day I tired of my people watching and as the crowd thinned things were tiresome.  But alas, a ray of hope!  We could start taking things back to the office and at the office we ran into Kristin’s boss.  She needed us to be…MODELS!  For the rest of the day Kristin and I ran door to door down Regent’s Street snagging free swag from all the stores, and got our picture taken.  Wow, just wow.  I seriously felt like I was in an episode of “The City” living the life of Whitney Port.  Yes, it was hard work, but so rewarding.  For me, it was great to get a glimpse into the life of someone working in PR.  It was fun, exciting, and tiring!  I still plan on staying in the advertising world, but man, that was some ethnography!


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