Majority Rules

Living with 8 roommates during my time in London has taught me a lot. On the one hand it is a great experience and we are like a family, on the other, we are also like a family on vacation where the majority rules. This takes me back to “A Bug’s Life” where everything is “for the good of the colony!” And I can’t seem to make things work just right, I am like Flick. I have my own ideas, my own dreams, and I want to do them too whereas the rest of the group then treats me like an outsider or thinks there is something wrong with me. So what if I want to see a play instead of ordering takeout? So what if I want to go to a museum instead of a concert? Apparently this makes me “the weird, quiet girl.” If they only knew… Though, that bit seems to be my own fault. I haven’t really acted like myself in order to avoid conflict, after all it is only for 6 weeks, and it is already a very loud place so we don’t need another voice adding to the migraine rush.

This experience has taught me a lot about the world. Don’t get me wrong, I love having so many roommates, but lately it feels like I am the odd girl out.  In class we keep talking about how evil the advertising industry is and how it works to make people want things they don’t need and hence destroys those people. I try to defend my choice to work in advertising but it seems like I am just a small fish in a big pond. If individuality is something that is valued in this market than why is it snuffed out when it doesn’t fit the will of the majority? Why does Flik run away to the circus? People are afraid of change. Duh. I am terrified of it! But when I know a change has to be made I like to think that I will make it, even if it hurts me. And, quite honestly, it usually does. The maxim from my first-grade class, positioned on a banner across the chalkboard read “What is right is not popular, what is popular is not always right.” Now I ask you, why is it that way? Why is it that everyone sees the one time our seed-picker breaks that people assume it won’t work? It seems the more I age the more I don’t like what I see. Dang innocence!

Still, I see this as a call to arms. Change happens because people make the effort to stand up and stand out, and eventually someone will listen. Bravery, that is what I need, moxie, and wisdom to pick the right battles. So as far at the flat that I have grown to love, that will remain constant (after all, I only have a day left, sadly), but advertising, you’re next…I hope.


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