For a while now my choice of music has been the responsiblity of, it’s amazing!  For whatever mood you have it has a playlist for go-to is working, but I am also a big fan of the cleaning one.  However, it seems stereomood is ready to take a break.  It seems that I am being forced to break back into the world of creativity as a graphic designer in Tulsa, OK instead of spending the remained of my summer in Dallas, so let the juices flow!  My day has gone like this: Ok, time to make a newsletter…need tunes…iTunes…STOCKED iTUNES!  and there went productivity.  My predecessor has a variety of music choices, some awesome…some just plain interesting: 

I think that I would define her tastes as eclectic, but a lot of it seems really angsty.  The R & B is a nice addition to the mixture as well, and you gotta love the country.  Based on this, it seems that she had a busy life and needed to relax, sure there were lots of issues, but really Hawaii seemed the place to be.  I think there is only one stereomood to describe this: design.  The music on my computer is all about the design of things, whether it is peaceful or tulmutuous, teenage or classic it all has a specific design to it that describes the era.  This makes me wonder what my iTunes at home would be…would someone looking at mine see a teenage conformist (lots of Hilary Duff and Hannah Montana)?  Or maybe someone too cheap to buy their own music.



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