I think the parents have it right on this one, and I think I am more scared that I see the girl’s problem becoming a widespread social issue, she’s almost robotic.

It seems to me that staying in contact with people is getting more difficult than it was, which is weird because the social media revolution should be bringing us together, right?  From the comfort of my desk chair I can see what is going on in the lives of my friends, frienemies (not really, I just think it’s a funny word) and family.  So when, I call them…what do I say?  How do we maintain that personal relationship? Is it as simple as I “liked” your picture or I “retweeted” the funny thing you said?  Or..I let you into Google+ and Pottermore!  BFFL!  (insert middle school voice).  Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love social media and constantly spend my lunch hour checking what all is going on in everyone’s lives but…then what?  Is Facebook chat replacing texting?  I sure think so, and so does my phone bill.  Even now you can take classes on Google+, what will they think of next?  So after careful brainstorming I have found the solution if you wish to avoid the social network revolution: move to China.  They block things anyway.  And as for building those personal relationships, here are some “builders” that social media just doesn’t quite make.

1. Cook together. Throwing cookie batter and eating it is just not as good as a webcam.

2. Talk badly about China, so the government doesn’t get you.

3. Give lots of hugs, pokes are still way creepy.

4. Call someone and ask for the “full download” aka what’s too embarrassing to put on Facebook.

5. Laugh, loud.  Roll on the floor laughing, for real.

6. See a movie, and disrupt other people (it really can be fun)

7. Download music together, Pandora is way cooler when you share it with someone and actually feel their reactions.

8. Say be right back, and then actually be right back…nobody likes being ignored.


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