I absolutely adore Tom’s shoes, I think they are comfy, cute, and they are for a good cause…and I will claim that I liked them first.  My recent pair was since eaten by the great outdoors of Camp Egan so that means that it’s time for a new pair.  We were at the store the other night and I had my heart set on some burlap ones…until I was informed by my mother that they make your feet stink…scratch that.  So, time to let my creativity flow.  Here is what I came up with (and I did it all by myself)!

This was surprisingly easy!  With plain green TOMs I stuffed the toes with newspaper and then used Tulip Brand Matte fabric paints in brown, yellow and orange.  I dabbed the circles and the with the brush made wispy strokes with the yellow then added the orange and some more yellow to blend it.  I can’t wait until they dry!


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