The Happiest Place on Earth

People keep asking me what I am doing after I finish classes (in 9 weeks, ah!) and where I will be, they want to know how I will be happy, so to all you curious people out there, I say this to you: Have you ever had that one place that seems so special to you?  That place where everything seems to workout and all is good in the world?  I think it something that we all crave, all desire…but at times it seems impossible to find, or rather, achieve…is it even a physical place?  Or a state of mind?  Am I now a philosopher?  Ok, so I don’t know about the last one, but I have an idea about the other stuff.

Lately something that I have been working on is finding that happy place where I belong, putting a name to it and such.  In order to do this, I think there are a few requirements:

1. It must have mushrooms.  Crap, now they are going to think I am a drug addict, when really I am on a mushroom soup kick….applesauce.  Why?  Applesauce is the magic ingredient and therefore would mean that if there is applesauce there are apples.

2. People…most days great now I am antisocial….living creatures, especially cuddly, not biting dogs.

3. Money. That would be nice. Eh…but money isn’t necessary…. a means of exchange that leads to survival.

Ok, that was pointless.  Clearly it is impossible to make a list of the requirements for the Happiest Place on Earth (Disneyworld doesn’t cut it for me, sorry).  But wait, is this the point of it all?  Our experiences are what make our places.  We are happy because we choose to be an put ourselves there.  So, to answer the questions around the room.  I don’t know what I will be doing, but I have some ideas and all I know is that I will be happy.


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