My Liminal World

So in class we were talking about rituals and how they are liminal, they represent a shift.  I feel that right now I am in the middle of one, I am preparing to graduate college this December.   Already, I don’t really consider myself a student, because I spend more time at my internship than at school, but I am not a full-time employee either mainly because my internship does not pay.  This freaks me out, a lot.  So I am going through certain rituals in order to better prepare me (most of the time) for this shift that mark this liminal state:

1. Apply for job a day
2. Stalk facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google + way more than usual
3.  Have a weekly panic attack about the future
4. Always forget something because of panic about said future
Needless to say, liminality (is this a word?) does not really fit me.  I like all my ducks in a row, but now my ducks seem to be falling off the earth.

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