I think I am finally beginning to accept it.  I am a slob.  I’m a mess.  Wow, that’s a load off.  Am I proud of this?  Not really, or I can assure you I would be sharing pictures.  This messiness is weird though, because I like things to be clean and organized, yet my apartment looks like a bomb went off.  Why?  Tangent: It seems every addict has that one thing that sets them off back into their terrible ways, so to get back to the point, what are my triggers?

1. Stress.  Definitely my number one issue.  On the outside I remain cool and collected and get the job done but on the inside (of my house) a bomb goes off.  I just leave things, like that is their new place.  Oh, term paper blocking my mind?  That transfers to dishes blocking my sink.  Wading through job applications or wading through laundry.  It seems very “Inception” like to me.  Except when I feel threatened, instead of dreaming a train I block my way physically.

2. Nesting.  I am a nester.  I like to have “my spot” and have it marked for all to see.  That is my couch cushion, that is my study nook.  No there is not a sign, but all my stuff is there.  And, there is always a hole for me to crawl in.  Ah, home sweet home.

Ethnographically, if someone wanted to target me or soon-to-be graduates in a campaign I ask myself: so why am I doing this so much lately?  I really think it has to do with my current state of mind.  Things are majorly up in the air so I am staking my claim in my apartment.  Because they are in the air and I am so focused on other things I lose that motivation to clean and instead reap the rewards: impulse shopping.  So Advertisers, know people with clutter in their life?  All we need is a swiffer and lots and lots of organization for our hidey holes, because, inevitably, the clean freak is about to burst forth.


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