Confessions of a Homecoming Candidate

Hello my fellow subjects, it is I, one of your SMU homecoming attendants.  Ok…pompous attitude stopping…but seriously, this last weekend I was blessed enough to have some of my dreams come true, I was chosen to be a homecoming attendant at SMU!  And although I did not win Queen, I had a great run and overall felt incredibly blessed to represent my school and feel like a princess for a day, I even got to ride in the parade!  However, I learned some things about being amateur royalty (there I go with the pompous again) and have graciously decided to bestow said knowledge upon your souls.

1. Buy your Spanx early.  That’s right ladies, we all know everyone does it, heck, Beyonce talked about it on the red carpet!  The magical undies, Spanx.  Note: Stores open at 10am, and when you have to be at the parade at that time…wear comfy panties instead.

2. Parade floats are not stable.  Nope nope nope.

3. Do not forget the Dr. Scholl’s, ever.  BAD IDEA.  I am still nursing bruises on my feet from standing in 3 inch heels all day.

4. Homecoming is a busy day, but make sure you set aside time to enjoy the people around you.  Unfortunately, I was running around so much I didn’t get to see a lot of friends, but I still got to have some amazing BBQ courtesy of SMU one28 and Taylor and Stefi Massey…highly recommended!

5.  Remember, you are beautiful all day, everyday.  Even when the dresses and makeup go away, and you do your own hair…you are you and that is the best!


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