Age is a relative term

So lately I have noticed that I get quite a bit of comments concerning my age.  I think this all started when I was chaperoning a youth trip to an amusement park and they had me do the “guess your age” game and the guesser said I was 16.  FYI that is 5 years too young.  And yes, I still do get carded at R-rated movies.  However, at the same time, I think that although at times I like to excercise my youth, I am a very old soul.  In fact, I often tell my older friends this when they realize I am only 21.

I love eating cookie dough, yet I have my own Kitchen-aid mixer.

I love Disney Movies, yet I also prefer the classics.

I love late nights, yet my ideal bedtime is before midnight.

I love sandwiches, yet I can roast a turkey like a champ.

I love a good night out with friends, yet prefer a pub to a club.

This makes me wonder, what age are people really?  I propose something like an actual age and a relative age, or banning it all together.  Justin Bieber is still a minor, shocking!  George Clooney can be in the AARP.  Does age really matter?



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