So I have this job right now that has me working from home designing some webpages, which is all fine and dandy, though my coworker is a tad weird.  You see, I originally had this huge office in Dallas, complete with a bed and couch, but I recently moved to a new location for the week in order to help out around the house…and got this coworker.  She has some issues…like for one, serious dandruff.  It’s everywhere.  Head and shoulders much?  Next…she kinda smells like fish.  Maybe it is her that is stinking up the lunch room?  And, she keeps falling asleep!  What could she be doing at night? Her latest offense, she keeps licking herself…ew.  Maybe I am being passive aggressive, or maybe I am just sick and tired of this monster:

That’s right.  Today I am at home at my parents’ house on dog duty.  I love dogs, but Jazz really takes the cake for being a weirdy…but she also teaches me a lot.

1. Jazz has dandruff: Just because someone has something gross about them doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t love them too, she is just a cuddly as any other dog.

2. Jazz smells like fish: This dog happens to be allergic to Oak trees and grass, and anything else that is living so fish oil helps her not be so itchy, rather than drugging her up on benadryl all the time.  From this I learn to cope. Things may not be the best but Jazz knows how to deal. She goes outside when she has to, the other times of the day she sleeps.

3. Jazz is nocturnal: Not the best scenario, especially for my mom’s new office and her bathroom breaks, but hey, she keeps to herself during the day so that works out.

4. Jazz licks herself: We all have needs.

So yes, I am learning to love Jazz, and she may not be as monstrous as I make her out to be, but I am getting really excited for some human counterparts in the office next week.


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