My First Trophy

How many of you remember getting your first trophy?  Did you play little league, were you a soccer star?  And, no, I don’t mean that trophy you get because everyone gets an award…I’m talking about placing in a competition.  Some of you may not have it yet, and that’s ok.

I got my first trophy this past week (well out of my pee-wee league years), for Flag Football League sponsored my my company.  I played with coworkers and we played against coworkers.  It was great, and it feels great!

2015 Flag Football Division Champions

And, as I walked into the office with our team captain holding the door as he brought our magnificent prize through the office halls, I was filled with an even-larger sense of pride.

This got me to thinking how proud I am of myself and those around me for pushing to make healthy decisions.  A few years ago winning anything for any level of athleticism seemed like something I would never achieve, especially never having played team sports when I was younger.  So at the end of the day, I think that’s what it’s all about, building yourselves up…and those around you.  Have that confidence, push those goals.  Because you never know where it will take you.2015 Flag Football Division Champions - Ladies

The biggest surprise to getting this trophy? It’s not that heavy ;P



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