Gaining While Fasting

For me, Lent is one of the most important seasons in the Christian calendar.  It’s a time where I look back at the past year, re-evaluate my priorities and work to cleanse myself of habits that have hampered me from being a light to those around me.  In some cases, this will involve the act of fasting, or depriving yourself of something in order to gain a better understanding.  For others, it’s about giving back and building up.  Me, being well…me, I pick both.

Now I know what you are thinking, “Hold the phone, Amy! The first rule of fasting is never talk about fasting.”  Yes…and no.  If people are fasting they should not be complaining (UGH can’t drink, it’s lent….yeah, not acceptable).  But for me, I strive on accountability groups.  I let myself down, it’s a fact.  I need my community (you lucky people) to help build me back up.  So, this year for Lent, I am fasting swearing.  It’s a nasty habit I’ve picked up over the last year and I need to slow my roll, there are so many other pretty words in the English language to use besides “shit.” Because, frankly, that’s crap…damnit.

Aside from cleaning my mouth with Holy Water (yes, pun intented) by fasting from swearing, for Lent I also like to add something as well that will better myself or the world around me.  This year, I am going to make a more internalized effort, so I am better capable to help my network.  Since starting my wellness coaching I’ve already started to change lives, and am touched by people’s stories daily as we walk the journey to health together.  But for me, I’ve been one-sided about it…mainly working on nutrition (which is going great) but neglecting the workouts. So, to gain, I will sweat daily.  As in doing a workout, not just going outside in the afternoon #Floridaproblems.


Now, here comes the fun part, I’m asking each and every one of you to take this journey with me.  I’m starting an accountability group for Lent where you all can join me in sweating daily.  We will build each other up, and move forward in our journey.  I’ll provide the tools, and motivation, and let’s change each other together.  So, you with me?


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