Sunday Morning Peace

It’s quiet. No alarm goes off. I stretch awake and just lay in bed thinking about the day.  I head downstairs, book in my hand and go sit on the porch in this quiet morning with a warm cup of coffee and look across the misty porch view from a field.

My happy place.

The beauty of this? I get it every week, on Sunday mornings.

Somewhere between all the craziness, envy for people on TV shows with their relaxing morning, I decided to make a change. And found out I was way too busy to do that, so I make do, and make an effort to do this every Sunday morning before church (luckily being an early 6am riser the other days helps that).

It’s my time, my zen moment…and it’s brief but it’s all mine.

[Hurries to get computer away and back to zen because I just had to tell the internet]



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