Transformation Tuesday

Have you ever had that feeling that you want to make a change in your life and just don’t know where to begin?  Like, you have such a lofty goal that it just seems hopeless and unattainable…but you go for it anyway because you want it…right?  Then, fast forward 2 weeks and you are back eating cookie dough on the sofa watching lifetime movies…but you gave it a try…right?

Sure does sound familiar to me.  I’m sitting here right now in my favorite spot on the back porch just looking outside at the stars, enjoying the spring breeze and the stars…I feel that Sunday morning peace.  And that got me thinking about the past and how I got here.

10996435_935276836544023_8020710819548859591_nIn my past I wasn’t just 50 lbs heavier or a girl living in Texas.  I was lost, lacking in self confidence, and a stressed-out barely-employed college graduate.  I wasn’t me.  And now I look back and can’t believe I ever felt that way, because even in my lowest of lows I am well…I am content because I chose me and the present instead of the past.

So, how did I make the change to hit these lofty goals that I could not have even dreamed?  I leaned on God, but from there I made small changes.  I started to eat better, I forced myself into having a social life and then it became so much easier to make the big decisions.

Transformation is one step at a time, you choose small changes and you can achieve big results.


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