Stumbling Blocks

Sometimes, you hit some bumps in the road and a goal changes. In my case, I have to be honest with y’all (and myself) that due to a sinus infection and other health issues (not caused by fitness) I can’t complete my Lent Fit promise. You see, my plan was to workout…and hard, because I wanted to push my limits. And I did…but now between moving and changing jobs, I think God wants me to rest.

I prayed about what I could do, and was handed this idea by some of my friends doing my Lent Fit challenge: I can find workouts in daily activities! So for the rest of my challenge, I’m taking the stairs. Another girl does Tricep dips at her desk, I read online about doing wall sits and brushing your teeth.

So, I think what I’ve learned from this challenge is learning to listen to my body, taking care of my temple, and cherishing those little moments. After all a fitness journey isn’t about taking elevators, it’s about taking it one step at a time.


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