No worries, it’s a rental.

Confession time. Unless it’s a target, I really hate shopping especially formal dress shopping.  In high school (ah the days of free time), it was great…now it’s a whole event it takes at least an entire day and with my schedule I find that next to impossible… My solution? Get a rental. Yes, that’s right I rent all of my nice dresses… So if you think I have that keen fashion sense and a huge wardrobe…then Rent the Runway is doing it’s job.

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This website is awesome and I highly recommend it to anybody like me who happens to have an average of seven weddings a year on their social’s a great option for dresses you’re only going to wear once (because thanks to Lizzie Maguire we know how bad it is to be an outfit repeater!)


Dresses start at $30 & all you do is go to their webpage put in your sizes (so if you’re not feeling exactly your best, or you completely rocked it at the gym and with those kale smoothies there’s a dress for you). You can then shop dozens of styles and pick what stresses you like for your favorites in your spare time and then on an event rolls around? Bam! The rental is there and ready for you, almost like a virtual closet. It’s delivered straight to your door and it even has return shipping available so all you have to do is drop it into UPS box… No dry cleaning or anything! I have even had it shipped to hotels before while traveling so I didn’t have to worry about ruining my dresser taking out valuable carry-on bags space in airplane luggage (look ma, no fees!).

I think what really sets rent the runway apart from the rest is the fact that their customer service is impeccable… One time I ordered a dress and let’s just say… It was no bueno (because who fits into their dream size during the holidays anyway? right?). I called them right away and they had a new dress to me the next day, no questions asked.

So next time you’re looking for a formal dress, or just something nice to wear to your sister’s graduation 😉 definitely consider rent the runway… And if you do it more than once a year like me, the Pro Membership is the only way to go!

Here’s my referral link, check it out for $20 off!


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