if you’re just tuning in, I got into a fight with the butternut squash the other day and let’s just say I did not come out the winner… After cutting very deeply into my thumb I am now working on day three in the hospital… But I get to go home tomorrow!

I don’t do hospitals well and this is my first time being admitted… The night that I was admitted I was very scared but was blessed to meet my neighbor, Earnestine.

A “frequent flyer” she is very brave, and is a good ole Southern woman who lives in constant prayer. As soon as I was settling in (aka sobbing drama queen into my pillow) she switched her prayers: 

“Oh my lawd, my lawd, please pray for the sweet girl next to me. Prayers for that’s sweet heart that she may be fill with your conquerin spirit and peace. Let her know she is a blessin to me, her doctors, and that sweet boy who loves her (I can tell.)”

Earnestine…my Guardian angel for the night.

We talked almost all evening about our lives and our faith and all the blessings that we have. I learned that she’s blind, and her family didn’t know where she was because she had lost her phone. And then I was there when they were reunited.

Earnestine reinforced the message, “have courage and be kind” before my surgery.

She headed home before I could say goodbye, so, Earnestine…wherever you are: “May the Lord bless you and keep you may the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.”


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