3 Day Refresh: Day 1

Day 1…fresh on the refresh…I’d like to break it down to you in a list of my impressions, and overall I’m happy to report I’m feeling pretty darn good, minus a slight…yet expected headache (chugs more water).

Lesson learned: Stick to the schedule in the book! Tomorrow is another day.

  • 6:30AM: wake up, take measurements…uh oh…feel sad.
  • 7:15AM: get over said sadness, and prep foodz…mmmm yummy shakeology.
  • 10:55AM: SOO hungry
  • 11:00AM: oops…forgot my fiber sweep and tea…must delay lunch, not so hungry when I eat on time.
  • 12:00PM: tea time! and I had some of my lunch “sides” to hold me over in the form of raspberries.
  • 2:00PM: Vanilla Fresh time!
  • 2:05PM: OMG vanilla fresh soooo good.
  • 2:10PM: I can has HUMMUS? YESSSSSS.
  • 4:00PM: Juice time, this tastes like celery…oh, because it is. Yummy.
  • 5:00PM: Tea time [British accent]
  • 7:00PM: Dinner out? No problem! Salad..no meat…get in mah belly!
  • 9:00PM: Oh ya…I need more vanilla fresh…and time to digest it.
  • 10:00PM: Ain’t no party like a camomile tea party.
  • 10:05PM: Blog Posted, oh herro Gossip Girl on Netflix.

So until tomorrow 😉 time to see if this tea works during a thunderstorm.


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