3 Day Refresh: Results!

It’s the morning after my 3 day refresh and I’ve weighed in and am so PLEASED with my results! Definitely feeling more confident for our mini vacation to Savannah this weekend, and I’m halfway back to my pre-surgery weight.  But besides losing the weight, I’ve gained so much more…like confidence, motivation, and renewing faith in myself and my goals.  Win, win, win!!

3 Day Refresh was a step in the right direction, I lost 2.5 LBS and 1 inch of belly fat in just 3 days, but most importantly, I feel like I am getting myself back.

So, what about all those rumors, or common thoughts about cleanses? Here are my thoughts.

  • Cleanses make you hungry.
    • FALSE: The only times I felt hungry on this cleanse was when I missed a “meal” time on the schedule or when I was really craving other foods…which proved it was just mental.
  • You are just losing water weight.
    • EHHH: Maybe, but for me it was more of a mental win.
  • I get so groggy!
    • SOMEWHAT: I did feel more tired, but I slept better…but my focus was there for the workday and I took it easy at home.  Definitely the benefit of doing this during the week rather than weekend, I didn’t notice it as much.
  • It makes your stomach hurt and dizzy.
    • NOT SO MUCH: I didn’t experience any stomach pains, and when I got dizzy I realized I was dehydrated because you do need to drink more water than usual when doing these things…and most people don’t drink enough water anyway.
  • I feel so alone and isolated while my friends do what they want.
    • FALSE: I was still able to go out to dinner with a friend the first night, and to hang out.  And, when eating lunch with my coworkers it gave me an opportunity to talk about the cleanse and they were great support.

At the end of the day, I would definitely recommend doing this, and if I ever fall off the wagon (ok let’s face it, it’s inevitable), I’ll definitely consider doing this again. I mean, look at that grin 😉



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