So I got engaged…and we took LOTS of pictures

Hi All!

Apologies for the hiatus, you know…I can’t imagine how crazy baby brain will be when I have such wedding brain!  But now the sunshine and rainbows are lasting, so I can dive back into what’s really sharing my engagement pics with ya’ll from the AMAZING Christy Schrack Photography.

But first, because ethnographic research is real (look it up, it’s cool)…there is a lot to learn from engagement pics.

  1. Props are “cute” not weird.  I was so worried this would be weird and awkward, but from my experience and facebook comments…apparently it’s freaking adorable…so let your glitter flag fly.
  2. It’s only as awkward as you make it.  I’ll admit, I thought it would be a little nutty kissing and being mushy all afternoon with a camera in our faces…but the photographer was so great! Christy was really able to capture the genuine moments and it was so nice.
  3. Setting is key. We wanted to do our pictures somewhere that it mattered to us, and lucky for Ryan and I, our neighborhood is really scenic.  It was nice, it was natural, and now we have our Saturday morning walks frozen in time forever.
  4. Photographers matter.  When selecting a photographer it’s important to pick someone whose style matches your own, and with Christy’s work, we got just that…it didn’t look forced or “pinterest perfect” (though I mean c’mon we are cute), it just kind of happened that way.

So without further ado…

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