Rabbit Food

I love Rabbit Food. I eat it a lot and with my extra nutrition kick I am on lately (woo hoo 21 day fix!) I am spending a lot of time around it.  I put it on just about everything and love finding new ways to eat it.  And now I just realized I sound like I am talking about pellets…ew.  So let’s clear this up:

Rabbit Food  noun: What health nuts or vegetarians eat: leafy greens and vegetables.

Ok that’s better! In my case, my rabbit food of choice this week is lettuce, glorious wonderful lettuce. No, I’m not weird, I just love nature’s pleasant gift of natural flavor.  HUH? (in Scooby-Doo voice) you say? Yes that’s right, lettuce has natural flavor.  So before you knock on salads, take a gander at your local farmer’s market or produce aisle at all the great leafy options…all of which (except one…take a wild guess) are in my fridge right now for meals!

  • Arugula My favorite!  It has a strong flavor, so is great with blander toppings like shrimp, light cheeses, or celery. Drop some basalmic on it and I’m in heaven.
  • Romaine Gimme some Vitamin C, Potassium, and Biotin! That’s right, this staple of lettuce has a light flavor, but has the nutrients to help you grow big and strong.  My favorite is adding some paleo caesar dressing to this for a little extra zest!
  • Iceburg STOP STOP…why would you eat this? It sunk the Titanic. If you hate lettuce this is why.
  • Green Cabbage Not just for cole slaw! The secret to lettuce wraps? Use cabbage!  It holds liquids from meats and seasoning and folds well without breaking or being too damp.
  • Spinach Raw…I’m all over this! I use it to help add a natural iron boost to my diet without taking the horse pills. Throw some in your morning shake or eat it on a sandwich and you have an extra dose of some oh so important nutrients.
  • Hydroponic Lettuce I bought this for the first time this week and it inspired this post! It’s light, crisp, and though not as many nutrients as lettuce, it’s light buttery flavor is really refreshing. Bonus points: no dirt!  I paired it with a honey mustard chicken salad.
  • Spring Mix I buy this as another salad base, it has the good red leaf lettuce mixed in there with some radiccio and other greens and it keeps longer in the mixed bag (I get Organic Girl).  With as much Vitamin A as this offers, I aim to eat it when I am not feeling my best or will be drained for some immunity boost.
  • Kale Remember when this was Cosmopolitan’s must have veggie? It is still awesome! I bake into chips or add it to soups for an extra green boost.
  • Brussels Sprouts These ain’t yo momma’s veggies…to make brussels sprouts taste great slice them in half and pan sear in some olive oil or grate them finely and make a cole slaw and grab up that Vitamin C, B6 & fiber.

See? Greens are good! And there are so many ways to use them! What are some of your favorites?


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