Wedding Planning Milestone 1: Big Rocks

6 weeks after getting the rock, and I am pleased to say that Ryan and I are done with the “big rocks” for our wedding planning, and so far it has gone very smoothly!  Honestly, I was slightly surprised after hearing not exactly horror stories from friends and blogs…but definitely that there had been some pain points.  By using the Covey Method of Productivity, which we both more or less apply in our daily lives this has gone well.  Ryan and I may not be pros, but here are some tips and tricks that is making our wedding planning go smoothly.

The Golden Rule: It’s Not About the Wedding

That’s right, wedding planning is not about the wedding.  It’s about 2 people preparing for a marriage, the ceremony…and then an giant party.  The idea that you have to have a “Pinterest perfect” wedding seems to cloud the judgment of so many people and by concentrating on those details for a good party you lose sight of the biggest blessing, two will become one.

Take Notes

Confession time, since we have been a couple Ryan and I have attended 10 weddings…in 2 1/2 years.  With that there are things you begin to notice, stuff you like and things you don’t that may be perfect for your friends.  So, I started taking notes pretty early on for my “dream wedding” to provide an experience for my guests that I really wanted based on my personal experiences.  For example, I don’t really like cake, so someone had a dessert table at their wedding and I thought “that’s brilliant!” and jotted it down in the notes app on my phone.

It’s OK to Pinterest

Ok, so I may have just said having the perfect Pinterest wedding is far-fetched, but that doesn’t mean that you have to avoid it! Pinterest is a powerful researching tool and is great for saving your ideas or dreams that you may have.  Then, when the time comes don’t do more research when you are super excited (or your wedding WILL become larger than life and budget), instead go back to your inspirations…your “pinned interests” and build your plan from there.  Because of this, I already had my venue, color schemes and even decor ideas planned so when the time comes…I’ll be ready.

Tackle the Budget First

In planning a wedding in 7 months, we didn’t have time to wait until after the stars and excitement faded away and real life set in…and I’m glad.  By being realistic from the get-go and looking at the bigger picture of not starting out in debt to have the complete dream wedding, it’s been a blessing.  Even with a few oversights, knowing that even though I loved the $3K gown in the store, it felt good bargaining and getting something perfect for 1/3 of the price.

Big Rocks are your Friends

Yes, the pinterest details are fun and dress shopping is great, but before even thinking about it (ok before really planning it…because a girl’s gotta dream) we worked hard and tackled the important stuff (like a guest list, caterer, venue) and the key part booked it before I got to get crafty.  Setting that rule really helped us be on the right track.  Now…what do I mean by big rocks? The things you need or the event won’t happen like a venue, officiant, photographer, guest list, hotel…not your centerpiece, flowers or shoes (though also important).

So hopefully for those of you out there in the midst of wedding planning, or pinning for a future dream these tricks will help you like they’ve helped me!  Remember, it’s a big party…but mainly it’s the start of a marriage.


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